Matrix Research Inc.

Matrix Research is an employee owned research and development company located in Dayton Ohio. Our goal is to provide our customers superior products and technical services by providing a staff of nationally recognized leaders in their fields. Our corporate expertise includes radar systems and measurements services, advanced signal processing, exploitation systems, antennas, radomes, and composite structures.

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Our Capabilities

  • Antennas & Radomes

    Matrix Research specializes in antennas and radomes as well Frequency Selective Surfaces. Matrix engineers have vast experience in design, analysis, fabrication, and testing of a wide range of antennas and radomes for many diverse applications. These include airborne, naval, ground based, and space based installations for applications such as CNI, Radar, EW, Data Link, and SATCOM. Contact Antennas & Radomes

  • Advanced Signal Processing

    Matrix Research has expertise in a wide range of signal processing, including Beam Forming, Space-Time Adaptive Processing, Waveform Optimization, Multiple-Input Multiple-Output and Radar Imaging. We also have expertise in Sensor Exploitation technologies including Feature Extraction, Feature-Aided Tracking, Target Detection and Identification, and Sensor Fusion. This wide range of signal processing capability covers the full chain of radar signal processing, from the radar front end to exploitation. Contact Advanced Signal Processing

  • Measurement Services

    Matrix Research includes facilities for the characterization and precision measurement of electromagnetic properties of hardware and materials. The RF Lab facility is used to characterize the s-parameters of antenna components and subsystems. Electrical properties of radomes, FSS, and panels are also measured in this facility. Various transmission tunnels and reflection arches measure the insertion loss and reflection coefficient of materials. Equipment such as resonant cavity and waveguide systems are utilized to extract dielectric constants and loss tangents. Contact Measurement Services

  • Sensor Systems

    Matrix Research Sensor System capabilities include sensor system analysis, system and subsystem design, and fabrication. From concept of operations; algorithm development; phenomenological modeling; system architecture design; system and subsystem design; modeling and simulation; fabrication; testing; and system operation and maintenance, Matrix Research supports our customers delivering advanced Sensor Systems technologies to the warfighter. Contact Sensor Systems

  • Composite Structures & Materials

    Matrix Research specializes in the design and manufacture of structures for aircraft, missile, satellite, ground vehicle, and naval applications. For composite structures, Matrix utilizes a multitude of resin systems, fiber systems, and core materials. For metallic and hybrid composite-metallic structures, Matrix utilizes a variety of metals, from aluminum to high temperature alloys and heavy metals. Matrix engineers specialize in developing multifunctional solutions that require an understanding of the parallel optimization of electrical, structural, mechanical, materials, and manufacturability requirements. Contact Composite Structures & Materials